Birthday Love: CPD

She won’t see this yet but…


I hope you’re having the time of your life right now in Freshyland. You deserve it, you work hard as hell. To those reading it, this woman does it ALL! She works a zillion jobs, can create something out of nothing, has a big heart, can make you laugh and bad you up all in one conversation LOL. This woman definitely has an ‘S’ tatted on her chest.

So thankful to have you in my corner.

Love you dearlyyyyyy, you slim waist curly haired sensation.

Not sure who took this pic lol

Mego, AsiaFiasco and Pradatrick

You did what with Scissors?

Over the weekend I assisted on set for The Discombobulated Tricks shoot entitled “Skizzers” (Scissors lol). When I tell you it was a-may-zing, I mean just that. Man oh man.

Charlene, Nicole and Meg- Y’all are stupidddd for this one. Dumb, silly, stupid.

Frannie, you did an excellent job my dear.

Ishmil, well done again sir.

Sanaz, you were a great help.

Shoutouts to Courtney from Polyshmag for stopping through 🙂

Real Major

Hair, Makeup, Styling,  Photography, Creative Directing. You want it, we got it!

Oh, and who else can whine to “Raggamuffin’ and do the whole Single Ladies dance while doing all of the above.

Didn’t think so.

Datchickneeks + The Discombobulated Tricks = Love and Creativity

Myself, Nicole, Megz

Neeks, PradaTrick, AsiaFiasco & CPD

About 4am in the morning screwfacing.

Blog Love #1

I love a good read, so time to time I’ll shout out blogs that I read on the regular. The first one is going to go to my fly homies Meg, Char & Nicole aka the Discombobulated Tricks.  The content is fashion and real life related with a dose of humor, which is my sort of thing.  If you need a stylist, a writer, a choreographer, a photoshoot done get at them!


Check them out at

– One of my favorite mixed sensations Meg wrote a really good post yesterday. You should check it out.

The Bridge

Good morning

As previously mentioned, a couple nights ago I went out to the Melanie Fiona show, despite the loss I had encountered earlier in the day. Even though I had commitments to go for different reasons, I wasn’t sure if I would be “normal” enough. I was told by a  friend that maybe it would be a nice healing experience and sure enough it was. Melanie Fiona is a beast in beautiful clothing.

 The show started late, very late. By the time it actually started I was prepared to eat my own hand just for some food in my system. The show began after 9pm and by that point the room was packed, naturally I was right at the front ( I wasn’t playing around).  At the exact moment that Miss Fiona stepped on to the stage it was very apparent that she was dripping of Star Appeal. She gained the attention of the crowd right away and began to Thank her city for coming out and supporting her as this was her first show back.  Then it was down to business, she opened up the show with her song “Bang, Bang” and I kid you not, I sat there with my mouth open for about a minute. I was in complete awe of her. I turned to my homie Miss Asia Fiasco and she had the same exact look on her face, we looked at each other and just said “Damnnnnnnn”. As she sang a couple songs off her album and a couple surprises such as “Black and Gold” and “Killing Me Softly” I was convinced that she could sing anything with ease. When Melanie sang BLACK AND GOLD, oh Sweet Moses I was getting goosebumps. Her tone and the clarity in her voice reminds me of when R&B was at it’s best. The show was too short for my liking but I feel so blessed to have been able to see such an amazing humble star.


Melanie Fionas album is in stores right now, it’s called “The Bridge”. I have it and I must say you should go out and BUY it, it’s a solid R&B album. If you consider yourself to be a true R&B lover this album is definitely for you, it’s not a bunch of fluff put on an album just to fill space. Each song has it’s own place and own vibe, I’m really feeling the whole thing. I am definitely a big fan of Melanie’s and I wish that she continues to reap the successes of her hardwork, she definitely deserves it!


Toronto STAND UP!


(There are more videos coming, stupid me forgot I need a program to rotate the videos so I need to get that done first)


An Evening at the beach

Good morning folks,


Well a couple evenings ago, myself and some fresh females also known as The Discombobulated Tricks (Nicole, Char & Meg) Claire and Monique all decided to make a very impromptu visit to Woodbine Beach.  If you’re from the West Indies you’re probably thinking right now “Canada has no blasted beaches *kiss teeth*”. I’ve heard that many times before and even said it myself, yes it’s not the same as the beaches in other countries however Life gives you jeans that are too small, you make cut out shorts right? Exactly.  I for one will be trying to live down there this summer. The vibe is really chill, there are many things to do down there. For instance you can play beach volleyball, eat some streetmeat, get your tan on or walk/run/rollerblade or bike the boardwalk.  If all of that isn’t your thing, then maybe you can have a mini photoshoot as we did. The possibilities are ENDLESS.


While there I took pictures as always of things I thought were “Wowwwww” worthy.

Birthday Love: Cheetah Print Don

Today, June 23rd marks the birthday of someone real fly,fab,focused and DISCOMBOBULATED?!

Happy Birthday to MEG aka the Cheetah Print Don.  1 of the Discombobulated Tricks.


I’m sending mad loveeeeeee your way (cheer up you’re still young as hell).  I know you’ll continue to be the LIVE chick that you are *it’s not even a question*. I wish you some Gucci Shades, a pair of Louboutins and a “fixer upper” lol lol.

Fly as Hell

Fly as Hell




Remember summer is JUST BEGINNING. It’s a wrap from here on out!


What a Day

Tuesday was an interesting day to say the least. Besides going to work and what not, I had the pleasure of attending another Blake Carrington Performance. Before that though, I headed out with my homeslices Megz and Char (aka Asia Fiasco) along with Willy to a free show for the community. They went to support their homie Curtis who was singing, so I rolled as well.  As usual, the flyness and the jokes were in attendance.

Curtis my dear, it was a pleasure dahlin lol. You are hilarious. We spent the early evening hanging out, taking in the performances, doing the Stanky leg lol.

Check the pics out


Did I mention y’all should be checking out and  . If you haven’t before, now you really have no excuse.

Neeks out!