Christmas Cheer

The beautiful multi-talented Melanie Fiona and Mr.Amazing, Brian McKnight teamed up to spread some Yuletide cheer.

Melanie Fiona with Brian McKnight on the keys “Someday at Christmas”

Performance of the Day: Ready for Love

While I’m still in the Slow Jam vibes, this performance of the day falls right into play.


You guys already know my thoughts on this woman if you’re a regular reader.


MELANIE FIONA is that chick. Simply put.


Here she is singing a cover of India Aries “Ready for Love”.

R.I.P Vibe

I don’t know how this slipped by me, but Toronto’s own Melanie Fiona is in the last issue of Vibe Magazine. VIBE paired up “six of the hottest NFL Players with five of R&B’s sexiest female artists. Melanie is paired with Darren Sharper of the N.O. Saints (who happens to be Gabrielle Unions ex).

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona


Lucky girl! Look at that smile. Damnnnnnn

I had to share this, I think that it’s pretty damn big. I wish they would have taken a straight on shot of her face, the world needs to be acquainted with what she looks like. But hey I’m not the photog right lol? .

Her success really shows that Toronto has the potential to make it on the big stage. It’s not that often that someone from this city explodes on to the mainstream music scene.

Performance of the Day: Black and Gold

I love the original version, and Miss. Melanie Fiona did it justice! Her tone and clarity is absolutely ri-damn-diculous.


Download her Live Mixtape. I’ll get the link and update it later.

Dedicated to… nevermind


Performance of the Day: Heartless

This woman is so ill!

I’m going to keep posting stuff from her until you guys really take her in. I think some of you are not really understanding how cold she is, so until you do I shall bombard you with her music.

Here is Melanie Fiona covering Kanye West’s “Heartless”. Personally I like her version way better than his.


The Bridge

Good morning

As previously mentioned, a couple nights ago I went out to the Melanie Fiona show, despite the loss I had encountered earlier in the day. Even though I had commitments to go for different reasons, I wasn’t sure if I would be “normal” enough. I was told by a  friend that maybe it would be a nice healing experience and sure enough it was. Melanie Fiona is a beast in beautiful clothing.

 The show started late, very late. By the time it actually started I was prepared to eat my own hand just for some food in my system. The show began after 9pm and by that point the room was packed, naturally I was right at the front ( I wasn’t playing around).  At the exact moment that Miss Fiona stepped on to the stage it was very apparent that she was dripping of Star Appeal. She gained the attention of the crowd right away and began to Thank her city for coming out and supporting her as this was her first show back.  Then it was down to business, she opened up the show with her song “Bang, Bang” and I kid you not, I sat there with my mouth open for about a minute. I was in complete awe of her. I turned to my homie Miss Asia Fiasco and she had the same exact look on her face, we looked at each other and just said “Damnnnnnnn”. As she sang a couple songs off her album and a couple surprises such as “Black and Gold” and “Killing Me Softly” I was convinced that she could sing anything with ease. When Melanie sang BLACK AND GOLD, oh Sweet Moses I was getting goosebumps. Her tone and the clarity in her voice reminds me of when R&B was at it’s best. The show was too short for my liking but I feel so blessed to have been able to see such an amazing humble star.


Melanie Fionas album is in stores right now, it’s called “The Bridge”. I have it and I must say you should go out and BUY it, it’s a solid R&B album. If you consider yourself to be a true R&B lover this album is definitely for you, it’s not a bunch of fluff put on an album just to fill space. Each song has it’s own place and own vibe, I’m really feeling the whole thing. I am definitely a big fan of Melanie’s and I wish that she continues to reap the successes of her hardwork, she definitely deserves it!


Toronto STAND UP!


(There are more videos coming, stupid me forgot I need a program to rotate the videos so I need to get that done first)


Song of the Day: It Kills Me

Soooooooooo last night I went to the Melanie Fiona show at the Mod Club (my official post is coming hopefully tomorrow). I mentioned before that I loved her, now I’m IN love with her. She is fire, it’s STUPID how crazy she is. Man oh man. I will gush more on my official post.

The song of the day comes from her album “The Bridge” (Go get it in stores!) it’s called “It Kills Me”. Immediately when I heard it, I FELT it. I can relate on so many levels and she just drives the point home in the soul in her voice. Watch it, you wont regret it.


Morning Everyone,


I look like hot smelly trash today (much similiar to the kind downtown). I’m not feeling well at all, like the kind of not feeling well that if you haven’t seen a facebook update status from me or another 2 posts from me from today, just call 9-1-1. I have alot of different ideas of things I want to write about however my brain is functioning like I’m 2 fries short of a Happy Meal. Please be patient with me.

It’s Tuesday and that means new music drops today. Today is a special day for Toronto as Melanie Fiona’s album drops today. It’s called “The Bridge”.  If you have no idea who I’m talking about, pinch yourself for me. Miss Fiona hails from Toronto and she is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Her voice is smooth and sexy and although I haven’t met her as yet, I can tell she has a fantastic personality. I know you’ve heard her first single “Give it to me Right”, but did you know she was on tour with Kanye West? Or that she’s had many heavyweights in the music industry recognizing just how talented she is? Take notice because she is representing Toronto in a big way.





Melanie will be performing this Thursday July 2nd at the Mod Club downtown.  Torontofresh WILL be in the building, so I suggest you come down too. Good music is so fulfulling.


Buy her album! Yes, I said BUY.  Support good talent! Especially good talent from your hometown.