New Music: Handsome by Pete Genesis

Well it’s about time! For quite some time I’ve been hearing word of Mr Pete Genesis aka Craig Irish being in the studio putting in work and finally we have the fruits of his labor. Pete Genesis is a rapper/producer from Toronto who’s trying to make a name for himself.

This is a little preview, a freestyle over Kanye’s “Gorgeous” beat.

Download it right ———————–>   Here    <————————–

Fresh Princess

I’m a little late on this, but oh well… I do what I want.

By now, you must have seen Willow Smiths (Will Smith + Jada Pinkett Smith’s child) video for her banger “Whip My Hair”.  Doesn’t it just make you want to dance? She’s only 9 and already has so much personality.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way. Is it Willows mission in her young life to continue to come for Rihannas Elmo Red wig? Clearly. The newest blastoff is beginning her performance as shown in this video with Rih-funds “Only Girl in the World”. Message?

Loves this kid.

Willow Smith- Whip My Hair

Phill at it again.

Good Morning Folks,

Yes, I know 3 posts in a couple days with this gentleman however you know music and laughter are my life. This is the man behind the Trey Songz video, his name is Phill. Whatever music he shall be bringing out, I will be buying. His voice is something serious. He reminds me of Jamie Foxx, incredibly sexy voice but also jokes around while singing and keeps you entertained. This video made me exhale, the words are so simple ( I think it may be a freestyle). Either way, take a listen.

SOTD: Who do you love?

I shouldn’t have much to say for the description. This is CLASSIC 90’s music and the lyrics still ring true.

“..who do you love? Are you for sure?”

LL in his fine days.

LL Cool J feat. Total

JOTD: Hold Yuh (African Remix)

This is hilarious.

Femi you make me laugh man.

By now unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you should be familiar with the Reggae song “Hold Yuh” by Gyptian. Well here is the African remix to it.

POTD: Deuces!

Do you understand how much I love this song? I swear this song is apart of the soundtrack to my life. To those that I’ve chunked the deuces to in the last year or so… you didnt see it coming?


Corey aka Broadway doing his cover of this song. By now you should know how much I love his voice. Mmm hmmm

The hilariousness that is Affion Crockett did a spoof video of course.  Here it is:


This man, does wonders for me. Ever since I was introduced to him over a year ago, I’ve been hooked. Who am I talking about? Well it’s none other than J.Cole!  If you haven’t heard about him by now, I’m not sure what to say about you or your life. This man should be the next big artist to blow out of Hip-Hop, I’m really rooting for him. The lyrics and DELIVERY (I’m real big on delivery) not to mention he fine as hell (Yes, I’m still female lol). Rumor has it he will be performing at tomorrow nights BET Awards and I shall be watching 2 inches from my TV screen.

You know I don’t usually post “new videos” but I love him too much not to.

Here is his video:

Who Dat

SOTD: Wonderwall

There isn’t many words I can give to this song.

Brings me back to elementary days. I will forever LOVE this song!

Wonderwall- Oasis

SOTD: Summer Loving

This song is PERFECT for my Song of the Day, as it ties in with my previous post.

Guy meets girl and enjoys the brief time spent with her just chilling and having sex.

Girl thinks she’s in a relationship and she’s found a good man.


Problems arising!

This is why people need to be honest and upfront about what they want from people. Shoutout to this video, as it comes from one of my favorite movies GREASE. This movie will never get old to me, EVER! My friends clown me because I have these songs on my iPod, but I don’t give a damn lol.

Summer Lovin’ – John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

Soooo Amazing!

Good Morning Lovelies,

Do you all know how much I love R&B singers? Especially a man who sings?


For those of you not acquainted with this man, here is your introduction. His name? Show Stephens, and he’s one of Toronto’s many talented R&B singers on the come up. This song is really good and the video is excellent as well. As I keep saying, Toronto we have to support our own GOOD talent! We have so much to offer, let’s support before everyone else does.

So Amazing- Show Stephens.