You did what with Scissors?

Over the weekend I assisted on set for The Discombobulated Tricks¬†shoot entitled “Skizzers” (Scissors lol). When I tell you it was a-may-zing, I mean just that. Man oh man.

Charlene, Nicole and Meg- Y’all are stupidddd for this one. Dumb, silly, stupid.

Frannie, you did an excellent job my dear.

Ishmil, well done again sir.

Sanaz, you were a great help.

Shoutouts to Courtney from Polyshmag for stopping through ūüôā

Real Major

Hair, Makeup, Styling,  Photography, Creative Directing. You want it, we got it!

Oh, and who else can whine to “Raggamuffin’ and do the whole Single Ladies dance while doing all of the above.

Didn’t think so.

Datchickneeks + The Discombobulated Tricks = Love and Creativity

Myself, Nicole, Megz

Neeks, PradaTrick, AsiaFiasco & CPD

About 4am in the morning screwfacing.

Birthday Love: DITS Nicole

Today marks the birthday of a Fabulous, intelligent, fashionable, discombobulated trick!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nicole aka the B*tch that wears Prada (1/3 of the Discombobulated Tricks)

The fierceness that is you!

You are my muse, and we have many more shoots to do. You are a silent killer in hiding (I’m sure Char & Meg would agree lol)

Let’s get it!

Blog Love #1

I love a good read, so time to time I’ll shout out blogs that I read on the regular. The first one is going to go to my fly homies Meg, Char & Nicole aka the Discombobulated Tricks.¬† The content is fashion and real life related with a dose of humor, which is my sort of thing.¬† If you need a stylist, a writer, a choreographer, a photoshoot done get at them!


Check them out at

– One of my favorite mixed sensations Meg wrote a really good post yesterday. You should check it out.

An Evening at the beach

Good morning folks,


Well a couple evenings ago, myself and some fresh females also known as The Discombobulated Tricks (Nicole, Char & Meg) Claire and Monique all decided to make a very impromptu visit to Woodbine Beach.¬† If you’re from the West Indies you’re probably thinking right now “Canada has no blasted beaches *kiss teeth*”. I’ve heard that many times before and even said it myself, yes it’s not the same as the beaches in other countries however Life gives you jeans that are too small, you make cut out shorts right? Exactly.¬† I for one will be trying to live down there this summer. The vibe is really chill, there are many things to do down there. For instance you can play beach volleyball, eat some streetmeat, get your tan on or walk/run/rollerblade or bike the boardwalk.¬†¬†If all of that isn’t your thing, then maybe you can¬†have a mini photoshoot as we did. The possibilities are ENDLESS.


While there I took pictures as always of things I thought were “Wowwwww” worthy.