Stuff happens…

Good morning ,


We’re  1 week away from the “Fresh Not Frozen” party on October 3rd and of course life happens sometimes. There is 1 change in the DJ Lineup, however this worked out extremely well.

The new lineup consists of DJ Rych Kydd (like before) and DJ Spoonz <–He’s LIVE.

I’m pretty excited about this, because those are 2 heavyhitters.


Quick Rundown: “Fresh Not Frozen

Address: Premium Rhythm Bar located at 173 Eglinton Avenue East

Hosted By:

Toronto Fresh & Special Guest(s)

Showing you the best things in life are FRESH


This is a 19+ event

 At this point, I think “what’s the dresscode” is a silly question unless otherwise stated. We are all grown people we should be dressing like that. Always try to look your best! You never know what my happen…


Come out and have a good time with me and my friends. If you have me on Facebook, you know we like to get down lol

Oct 3rd, Oct 3rd, OCT 3RD

As previously mentioned, myself and the other members of Torontofresh are hosting a party on what day? You guessed it, OCTOBER 3RD.

Watch this video for all the details:


I can guarantee a good time, take that however you’d like lol.

That Summerbody fit

Good evening peoples… actually good night, sorry.


If you didnt know I love to party, especially a good party with good people. Summers almost over, however that doesnt mean you cannot party like its here to stay. This Friday August 28th,2009 where you should be is at Dazzling Lounge for the “Summerbody Fit” Party.

Here are the Cliffs notes for you quick readers:

“Summerbody Fit”

Dazzling Lounge, 291 King St W


DJ Rych Kidd and DJ LRS

Dress Code: Fashionable.  No pajama pants, no pants hanging down to your knees, no Uggs, no dirty kicks. None of that foolishness.


Come out and party with me and my homeslices, don’t worry even if you’re missing the “fit” from the Summerbody everyone is still welcome lol.


There you have it

There you have it


Indoor BBQ

I love summertime.

The BBQ’s, the people, the music, the food, the beautiful people, the food, the sexy people on their game. Shoot let me stop.

Yesterday, I went to a BBQ  hosted by Blake, Marvin and Tristan. It was a good time. Alot of jokes, a whole lot of jokes. I met some cool new people, thanks for the jokes.  Only took a couple of pics for some reason. Too bad the weather SUCKED, so it was more of an indoor thing but it was still cool.


Wukking up… wukking up

Good morning ALL! 

I feel like it’s been a hot a** minute! This weekend was Caribana Weekend in Toronto (Torontos Carnival) and it was pretty hectic for me. The parade which was held on Saturday August 1st up and along the Lakeshore was busy just like every year passed. This year myself and some of my friends decided to play Mas with Carnival Nationz in the Morning Glory section and boy was it a great idea. We had so much fun, it was crazy. Throwing your inhibitions to the wind and just partying in the streets to some sweet soca music is always a good look.  The amount of people that asked to take pictures with us was crazy, I’m on a lot of folks cameras (hopefully looking proper). For the most part people were just having a nice time there was some foolishness that occurred which really pisses me off. Why do people always have to try and ruin someone elses fun? As always the Americans came down to whine up and mack the Canadian cuties and some of the Canadian boys decided to pretend to be American (wack).  My friend asked this one guy “Where you from” he replied “Detroit” , so I gave him the side eye because I knew he wasn’t. A couple minutes later he said “nah nah, I’m from Mississauga”, I looked at him and said “Thank you, because I was going to call you out”. Why lie? Lameeeeee!  I saw so many friends, acquaintances, frenemies, phonies, formers, potentials (?, doubt it) out there. Received some marriage requests, funny pick up lines, had a lot of cool conversations all in good fun. All that jumping up and waving did my body good.  Did I mention that Carnival Nationz won BAND OF THE YEAR?  Silly me, how I could I forget to mention that small tidbit. Goodtimes indeed

My lovely ladies

My lovely ladies


Myself and Mr Summerbody fit himself, Blake Carrington

Myself and Mr Summerbody fit himself, Blake Carrington


Way more pics will be added. 

Sunday Night, myself and my homegirls went to an Elite Boatride.  The music was banging, the people umm not so much. Not our type of crowd and also I felt out of place because I think on the ticket there was some kind of fine print saying you needed to bring a man or something. Needless to say we had fun except for a few things. Number 1, why were girls dressed like they were going to Square One on a Tuesday? Ummm hello? Can you step your game up for 2009? Number 2, why was the boat speeding? I felt at times that I was on Amazing Race or something. Number 3, why did our cabbie try to kick us out of his cab in the middle of nowhere downtown? He was getting a little unruly and thankfully (for him) he regained his senses and drove us to our destination. Despite all of that, I had a wicked night. Maybe it had to do with all that drinking. Who told me to have approx.8 shots of Vodka plus Smirnoffs? Gooooooodtimessssssss indeed. 


Ladies looking fly

Ladies looking fly




More pics coming soon.
I hope everyone had an amazing and safe Caribana Weekend!


Miami Dreaming

Good morning folks,


God has a funny way of telling you to slow down sometimes and just ‘be’. This horrible thing that I’ve been dealing with for a week now has been kicking my backside. I’m realizing more why I have it, and trying to not let it happen again. Thank you to everyone that’s been genuinly checking up on me, appreciate the soup/Vics/TLC offers. Mucho appreciated.

A couple days ago, myself and a lot of good people went out for a Farewall/Birthday Celebration for my good friend Malaika. She will be relocating to beautiful Miami to further her studies. Everything happened so quickly so it was very last minute and kind of surreal. It sucks to know that one of your true friends is going to be thousands of miles away. To me that means I am temporarily losing:

  • The person that if we have absolutely nothing to do we hit up the closest Red Lobster, Moxies, Popeyes or Swiss Chalet lol. We love food.
  • Who else am I going to call to say that the person on College Hill really did deserve to get cussed or boxed. Or that the girl from Top Model that got to stay is really murked and her attitude stinks?
  • Who else are Renee and I going to go to a soca party with?
  • Who else will I randomly spew Flavor of Love quotes with?


There are other many big things that came to my mind, but then I remembered you’re not going to be gone forever this is just a “See ya later “. I’m extremely happy for you, this is a major move and I’m proud that you had the guts to make it. If it was myself, I’d be there in a heartbeat without looking back.  Do well in your studies, party, meet a hot boy (or 2) and enjoy life.  The crazy friends that you have are already making plans to come down there so BE READY!


I love you and we’ll miss you TRICK!


(Btw this is my 100th Post!!!)

Kinda Like a Big Deal

Good afternoon folks,


I’m so sick right now, it’s ridiculous. I’m a pretty tough girl, I can handle pain for the most part but something about a sore throat turns me into a big baby. I have some sort of chest cold and I’m NOT happy about it. Last night the fever-ish symptoms I had really were not a good look, yuck!

Anyhow, on Friday night I went out to a party called “Kinda Like a Big Deal” at Vola Lounge. The party started off kind of slow but once it got nice, it got real nice. The thing about that club (it’s the former Blurr Nightclub) it gets SOOOO HOT. I swear there is no form of ventilation in that spot, yikes. It was a sweat bucket, and since DJ Spoonz and Dj Rych Kidd were killing it everybody was wylin out. One of my highlights of the night was hearing “Summerbody Fit” in the club, I felt like a proud mama or something lol. Here are some pics, despite what one person thought I was not drunk. The height of my heels would not permit me to get drunk (I don’t get drunk anyway). Ladies you know what I’m talking about, your heel is so high that if you were to play around and get drunk that’s risking your whole life and ankles at that.


Behind Closed Doors


As previously mentioned I went out last night to an event at State Theater called “Behind Closed Doors” to celebrate my homie Jesse’s Birthday. We got there pretty early (Thanks for that good advice J & T). Thank Baby Jesus we got there early, cause from what I heard the line was b-a-n-a-n-a-s after awhile. The party started off kind of slow, okay real slow. I noticed a lot of under age looking females with their underage outfits… yea, I did say it.  Please step it, RIGHT UP.  

Once the place started to liven up, I started to notice that for some reason I felt something dripping down my leg. Sweat, cool. Can anybody explain to me why I went in their all fresh (& dry) and ended up looking like I just hopped out the shower. Oh sweet Moses, it was SO HOT! Why does that club have such crappy ventiliation?!  The mirrors in the Womens washroom was even steamed up (no joke).  Other than that, the vibe was pretty good.  

It looks like I have no bum

It looks like I have no bum

Ren and Vee Vee

Ren and Vee Vee

Vee, Ren and Moi

Vee, Ren and Moi


Alot of jokes to be had as always, some key points:

1. The girl with the bum pads. I feel that was a life choice fail. We don’t believe you, you need more people!

Behind Closed Doors 011

Why oh why. I dare someone to try and disprove me

2. The girl fight that occured over what, I don’t know. Pretty funny though.

It's about to be a GIRLFIGHT!

It's about to be a GIRLFIGHT!

3.  Jesse drunk out of his mind LOL. Yea, I’m still laughing at that. Shoutouts to L.O.B.B

You're sooo far gone

You're sooo far gone

4. Did I mention some of those outfits that I saw? My eyes never did anything to anybody.

After we came out the Sauna, we went to our favorite hotdog stand “Mikes” to get some street meat. We met up with my boys Marty Mar, Keyon, Tyrone, Jermaine and Shane. Unfortunately that was cut short because of the dreadful RAIN. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. My poor hair, I’m still a little bit hurt about that.

Crazy Shane and Ren

Crazy Shane and Ren

All in all it was a good night.

More pics after the cut…