JOTD: You’re a Late Ballroom Queen!

Shay this is for you as requested.

Qaadir gives me lifeeeee.  It’s funny cause I’ve had a similar situation happen to me recently. Hilarity.

Per usual, there is a lot of profanity in this video. Watch at your own discretion.

JOTD: You’re Doing too much for me

I missed this guy!

Qaadir doing what he does best, telling stories and making me laugh.

Y’all know the deal, his videos aren’t for everybody but I know some of you have a good laugh when I post him.

(Be careful who you play this around because he has a little bit of a potty mouth)

Joke of the Day: Girl No He Didn’t

F ‘ all the foolishness from today.


Whenever I’m annoyed, I just watch funny stuff.

My boy Qaadir kills me. You may remember him from the “Did I just get Rejected from McDonalds” video.  Let me just drop the videos.

“Why the F would 2 assholes get married, if all they’re gonna do is produce sh*t”   *DEAD*

Rejected from McDonalds


I almost went into cardiac arrest after watching this video. I LOVE videos like this. I know there is only going to be a number of you that enjoy this, so this ones for you!



I had to update this post and add this video. I don’t give a damn, this guy is HILARIOUS to me