What’s going on?


…People running

…People clutching their children

…People crying with debris all over the body

…Dead bodies in the street

…It’s like something out of a movie screen.

Unfortunately it’s not a movie but rather a real life horror story.  The destruction and devastation caused by yesterdays (you see when I started this) earthquake in Haiti is absolutely heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with those in Haiti and those with friends/family in Haiti.  You never really know the right words to say to someone that’s waiting to hear from family on whether or not they are okay. No amount of comforting can really ease the mind. The funny thing is  Haiti has been suffering for many years and it takes an earthquake for people to really send money across.

I digress.

The thing is, it seems as though it’s one life altering natural disaster after another. If it’s not a natural disaster, it’s a terrorist attack. This is really the times that we are living in? For those that are familiar with The Bible, I’m just going to say this ‘Revelations’. I’m not trying to scare anyone because I’m not even too sure what I really think but it is scary for me. It’s almost as if God is showing us that we’ve messed up this planet for so long and this is the end result. 3 earthquakes in nothing short of a week. Wow. I don’t even know what to say to that. The world is getting scarier and scarier as the days progress. Between shootings/stabbings/child molesters/hijacked planes/terrorist attacks,etc you truly can’t help but wonder “What’s going on?”. Sometimes I really wonder how I’m going to raise children in this world. The thought scares me at times.

This song that I chose to post is still very much relevant today as it was more than 30 years ago. Marvin Gaye was a musical genius in my books, who was taken too soon. This song speaks of the injustices and such at that time, which still speaks to today. Despite how sad that may be.

Marvin Gaye- What’s Going On

Please let’s not forget those around the world that need help right now, it’s a terrible situation and we can all do our part to help.

We’ll never forget

Morning Folks,


Today is a very major day for different reasons, apart from me deeming it “Jigga Day” there are more underlying reasons as to why this day is so important. 8 years ago today, do you remember what you were doing at 8:46am? On any other day of any other year I’m sure you would be like “What is this girl even asking me, how am I supposed to know that” but this day was oh so different. I remember quite well, I was sitting in Science class not paying attention when someone came and told our to teacher to put on the news. We sat there and looked at the screen as we saw 1 of the buildings deemed the “Twin Towers” in a cloud of smoke and haze. All of us students as well as our teacher sat there in awe trying to process what we were looking at. Noone knew what exactly it all meant, we thought it was an accident of some kind. A pilot made a wrong turn of some kind and wrongfully flew into a building. We all sat there and prayed for everyone to come out okay and then it happened a 2nd plane hit at 9:03am. Then we realized that’s too much of a coincidence. This was all so new to us, we were all still relatively innocent minded. My teacher and some of us sat there in tears realizing the immense loss of life. Once the news started reporting of a “Terror attack” then the panic really started to ensue amongst the masses. The whole world was terrified. We left our classes and those of us with family in New York all felt extremely worried, even though we live in Canada does not mean we could not be affected by this. As I write this I have goosebumps because recalling it all makes me feel like I’m there again. The aftermath a couple days later was absolutely devastating. The amount of fathers, mothers, children that were killed was so high. The amount of heartbreaking stories of people bawling about their lost family member could bring anyone to tears. 8 years later, let’s not forget this day. Say a prayer for those that lost their lives and their families, say a prayer that you’re still alive. When those people took their 1st breath that morning on September 11th,2001 they never dreamed what their lives had in store. Everyday is not promised, make sure you acknowledge that in your day-to-day lives.


Rest in peace to all those lost in 9/11, we’ll never forget.

One in a Million

Good morning folks,


It seems like it’s been awhile, I haven’t been in the mood for certain reasons but I couldn’t NOT post today.

Today marks 8 years since Miss Aaliyah Dana Haughton passed away 😦   I know some of you probably don’t care but I know enough of you do. I loved Aaliyah, she had a special presence to her. I will be the first to admit she wasnt the BEST singer (c’mon guys keep it real) but she was good and she was a wicked dancer. She had a crazy swagger to her too. She was a beautiful woman on the outside and she seemed just as on the inside.

I remember when I found out of her death, I was in my room listening to the radio (the ages, before iPods and all of that lol) and the radio host announced she died in a violent plane crash. I thought it was a cruel joke, but I kept listening. The serious tone in their voice and the details behind it made me realize it really wasn’t a laughing matter. I immediately started to cry, yes I will say it. It’s funny, you never really think you’ll react the way that you do in certain situations until it actually happens. Music means so much to me, and when I really love an artist I do just that. That was like a slap in the face, wasn’t she just on tv performing? Her album “Aaliyah” was recently released so she was all over the planet doing press. That one cut me deep, it really did. I think what made it worse was the fact that there was an Access Granted for the video that she died making “Rock The Boat”. During that access granted it was kind of eerie knowing that as soon as she hopped back on that plane, she lost her life. Pretty tragic.

R.I.P Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001), gone but no one has forgotten you



She killed that style

She killed that style


I remember this dress!

I remember this dress!


Love her

Love her





Honorable mention for “I Care 4 You”… oh how I love that song. I couldn’t put up all my favs though.

Performance of the Day: Bernie Mac


I’ve been watching pure comedy videos to increase my mood and it sure does work. Here are 2 videos from one of my favorite comedians (always will be one of my favs) Mr Bernie Mac. Rest in Peace, still can’t believe he’s gone.