Look at ME!

Technology is one helluva drug.

It’s 2011 now and we live in an age where we can take our lives and broadcast it across the worldwide web, however where do we draw the line?

To me everyone wants to be “somebody” nowadays, their personas scream “Look at me, love me”. To some extent we all want to be acknowledged for something however where does it end? When is enough actually enough?

Nowadays it seems as though a lot of people are starved for attention, which leads me to believe they weren’t hugged enough as children. Maybe? There are so many forms of social networking ie. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (yes Myspace is still around) ,etc. It gives us the opportunity to post our pics, comment and basically show off what we’re doing with our lives. That’s all fine and freakin dandy to me, however some people go overboard. Listen, I do not need a  step by step of your day-to-day life via Facebook or Twitter.

“Just had dinner with Mike and Tasha”

Next update:

” Now myself, Tasha and Mike are going to bowling”

Next update:

“Hey Mike and Tasha remember that inside joke that no one else cares about that I’m now going to retweet all over your timeline for the next 4 hours? Oh yea that was sooooooo hilarious remember?”    

*blank stare*

Please kindly have a seat somewhere and rest all your attention seeking ways down, they’re making you sleepy.

Why must we always try to prove to people how cool we are and how amazing our lives are? It’s more like trying to prove to yourself that you’re not a loser. By no means am I saying don’t update stuff, and don’t crack jokes with your friends however after awhile I’d appreciate if you shut up. No one likes the kid that RT’s everything, secretly most people think you’re annoying. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 

The internet has made me more aware of how many people there are begging to be liked by people that they barely even know. Why? I’m not understanding. Back in the day it was just people trying hard to impress their friends, now you have to impress people who you don’t know too? Damn, that’s too much work for me. Thankfully I’ve always had a strong sense of who I am and not who other people thought I should be.

Thinking of You…


When I saw this above picture I’m pretty sure I made a noise and yelled “yesssss”.  I’ve had this picture for quite sometime and just haven’t gotten the time to blog it, but it’s your lucky day folks cause here it is.

How many times have you seen this? How many songs have you heard about this? I swear to you, I feel like I’m the only person sometimes that waits until my mind is mentally over the last one before I start with the new one. Who is this situation really fair to? It’s not fair to Miss.Jam, look at how happy she is, big ass grin just strolling down the street. However look at Mr. Bread, he looks scared as hell, with the biggest blank face ever. The smirk that Miss. Peanut Butter is giving  is damn near priceless. So again, who really wins in this situation? To me, it’s nobody. Miss. Jam is happy because she has the man but in reality she really doesn’t. What she’s actually doing is wasting valuable time. Mr. Bread is wasting his own time, because really if Jam isn’t doing it why bother? Your mind and your heart are interconnected and if they are both plugged into someone elses mainboard, your system shall surely crash. You thinking you can do a quick hack on it, is just that a quick and easy fix for a problem that needs more attention. Judging by this pic we don’t really know how Miss. Peanut Butter got into this triangle but either she’s the one who broke his heart or he broke hers. Either way, lose mothereffin lose. This stuff happens so often it’s unbelievable, I mean how can you possibly give something a chance to work if you know you’re stuck on another person? It won’t work. So why not cut your losses and keep it moving? Be by yourself until you can truly figure out what you want and then go for it.

Things that make me ponder…

WOWWW July 27th

Sometimes I really have to wonder if some people have any real people on their team cause some of this stuff just baffles my brain. If I were to ever look like this and subsequently dress like this, I really REALLY hope that one of my homies would check me with the quickness. This is downright unacceptable and I give her 2 speeding tickets and a do not pass GO for this travesty.

Foxy...is that you...?

Girl, WHAT

She is on the ride of her life and I would just appreciate it if she hopped off ASAP. I would say she’s on crack, but doesn’t that make you skinny? She is stretching that poor pleather/leather jumpoff for dear life. I don’t even know what to reduce these pictures too. I guess nothing but no mirrors and maybe a too tight weave. I’m over this Foxy, while you’re throwing out this “ensemble” I’ma need you to change your name too. Ain’t nothing about that mess “Foxy”.

I Got What Ya Want.

I got what you want, I got what you need… really?

If I have what you want, why does your girlfriend have the title? I’m so OVER these lame dudes. Why are you on my phone or on my ass when you see me, but your girl is patiently waiting for you at home? Questions that make you go hmm? Questions that have no answers? The sad part about it is, is that I trusted you as a friend and you clearly thought that Toronto is the size of Rick Ross’ boxers on a 52 inch HD screen (Too visual? Dah well). For real though, I don’t know what you were thinking. The sad part about this? This can apply to a couple males that I know. Silly rabbits, keep your Tricks… I’m good!

Monday “Woww”. 3/15

You know what, I like Chris Brown. Always have. Always will.

Yes, he did something extremely messed up… yet we all have. He’s very talented and I believe he’s truly sorry for “Chrihannagate 2009”.

With all that being said, there is only so far my support goes for him ( or any celeb for that matter).

Folks, what the heck is this?

Cut the crap!


“Team Breezy”

Not only is that an extremely stupid thing to do, but it also looks like my 4 year old niece wrote it. The money she spent on that tattoo, she could have invested it in a book because it’s clear she needs it.

Do better people!

Weight Relations

Not sure why I’ve been putting this post off for so long but I was just reminded as to why I wanted to get it off of my chest.

How come people who are larger in size can say any damn thing they want to say to someone that’s of a smaller size and it’s a-okay? As I’ve mentioned before my weight fluctuates typically between a 7-9 depending. If I’m really stressed out at the time that’s when I get grossly skinny (in my books and others it seems). Why is it okay for people to tell me that I look like a bobblehead and anorexic at that size but I can’t tell someone that’s overweight that they look like Homer Simpson?

Does anyone see the fairness there?

I have a pretty good metabolism not to mention I’ve always played sports so for the most part I’m comfortable with my size. However sometimes people who are heavier than I, try to make me feel bad for this. What’s your beef here? Get to those jumping  jacks son!  You try to make me feel bad for being smaller than you but you don’t really do anything to change your current situation, is that somehow my fault? Nope. Take that misplaced frustration and put it into the gym. I’m not even trying to be funny here, I’m just trying to make a point. I’m aware some of it is jokes and I laugh if it’s funny and not meant maliciously but some people are being bitter Betty’s. Trying to take slight jabs at you.  As an overweight person, you have your hangups about your body but someone who is considered ‘skinny’ may not necessarily want to be skinny. Personally I know a lot of skinny people who have been trying to gain weight for years and their metabolism just won’t allow it. Sound familiar to some of you?

The fact of the matter is that weight is a touchy subject. A lot of us will never be our “perfect” size and you know why? There is no such thing as the perfect weight! As long as you’re eating healthy, working out and trying to help your situation that’s all you can do. People need to feel comfortable in their own skin and stop being so concerned with what everyone thinks they should look like.  There are folks that think I look better when I’m thicker and some when I’m slimmer. So who do I try to please? Simple… ME! If you’re confident in your own skin doesn’t matter what your size people will gravitate towards you. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and see.

This goes out to you…(2)

This might be a new section “This goes out to you“. It’s shall be a dedication of some sorts to an A class idiot.

This one is a shoutout to a real thirsty b*tch. There are a lot of things on my list of annoyances and 1 of them is unoriginal people with no kind of sense (common sense, street sense, book sense, fashion sense, etc). This female needs this shoutout as an “I see you”.

Nowadays everyone has their own side hustle or dream they are trying to achieve. Most folks are not rolling in money so to get your business or name out there you have to realize that others need to eat too. Just because you are friends with someone does not mean that they should automaticallyalways hook you up. That’s tacky. There are things that friends can do for each other but it’s a matter of give an take and better yet realistic expectations. Example: If you’re starting out your own business and go to your friend that you know has a styling team and can get the photos/editing done as well would you expect all of that done for free? Well let’s throw a monkey wrench into that example. Why would you ask the pricing and then when told the pricing you dispute it. Don’t be a groupie, keep it moving then! You’re out of order right now. Take your thirsty behind somewhere else and see if you would be able to get all of what you were asking for, for half that price. Then to add insult to injury an original idea was pitched to you and now that you’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re thirsty and cannot pay up… you say “I’m going to use that idea with or without you”.

*Cut the record*

You’re for real right now?

You were serious when you just told me you’re going to steal an idea that wasn’t yours and take it somewhere else?

Okay Minni Vanilli.

We see you.

Do not forget word of mouth is crucial to any business. Kudos to you for playing yourself out.

Good day 🙂

January 13th

This day was complete and utter ‘crosses’ (badluck). 

I mean seriously I don’t even like talking about it because it was so stressful. This day I went to work like any other day, with some slight differences. One of which I had a photoshoot later that evening and I was extremely sick.  Not my idea of goodtimes at all. The previous day, I called up an acquaintance of mine (who is also a photographer) to help me out. I needed a backup because I didn’t feel well enough to conduct the entire shoot and also he had lighting that would be vital to the shoot. *exhales*. Now that you have some backgrounds I’m just going to point form the rest of this because it’s too much for me to write out in paragraph form. 

  • The shoot was set for 5pm-9pm, I was set to finish work at 4pm. That would have been okay if the shoot wasn’t downtown and that I drived. Factor in those 2 things and I was going to be late, which was okay by the client as they were aware of my availability beforehand.


  • The assistant photographer was aware of the shoot time and it was arranged to have a ride pick him up from his house with the lighting.


  • Approximately 1pm, Aneka (me), gets a bbm message from the assistant photographer saying he won’t be able to make it home until 6pm. *side eye*. The shoot starts at 5pm… anyone else see a problem with that? The scheduled ride for him, WAS the client therefore it was imperative she was on time to the shoot.


  • At this point I begin to stress slightly because I need to figure out an alternate ride for the photographer/lighting. Keep in mind I’m deathly sick and at work myself. This is not going well at all.


  • 4pm: I leave work and head to the GO Station. I arrive at 4:10pm for the 4:20pm bus. Is there any particular reason that I ended up getting on the 4:5opm bus? The 4:20 either never showed or came extremely early. I wish I could describe how cold it was that day. By the time I got on the bus, I was in tears… literally. I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes and with the already sick body I had, that definitely was not helping.


  • Throughout the time that I was waiting for that dreadful bus, I had to make an executive decision to pay for a cab for the assistant photog to get to the shoot. There was no other option, I needed him. The fact that he was coming from Mississauga was all the more stressful.


  • I finally arrive downtown and start to figure out how I’m going to get to the location (I had never been there), my phone is dying. Excellent. Precisely what I need at that point. The assistant photog (let’s just call him Tom) calls me saying he doesn’t know where he’s going. At that point I’m beyond defeated so I say “don’t you have the address?” he says the taxi man doesn’t know where he’s going and doesn’t have a map. THE F*@K?! All the while he’s frustrated and speaking to me in a very rude tone. Okay, let’s bring it on back for a second. I didn’t do sh*t to you, so don’t speak to me anyhow. You have a berry, google it! I was very calm though and gave him the major intersections.


  • When Tom does arrive he has brought his girlfriend. Which equated to a major problem as the ride home only had 1 space. Ummm that’s nice, that was never approved by me. I express that and keep it moving. At the shoot we had issues with lighting as one of the bulbs broke on the way over. GREAT! We begin to scramble to figure out an alternative. One of the people on set chimed in that they have lighting and could try to have someone bring it over. *phew*


  • The shoot time was originally scheduled from 5-9pm. The hair/makeup/styling wasn’t done until approx.9:30pm. Kind of sucked, but I know that happens sometimes so I was pretty calm. My only issue was that I felt like trash and really just wanted my bed and for someone to unscrew my head from my body. However Tom and Tina (his girlfriend) we re not so calm. They were quite frustrated and continuously expressed that with me. Man oh man. For those that know me, I did so well in holding my tongue. Very well.


  • When the shoot finally started, Tom was so frustrated and everyone was so frustrated with him that I had no other choice but to shoot the whole thing. Have you ever been standing and felt like you just wanted to collapse? Yea, imagine that for 2 hours straight. However I made it through and I was impressed with the final product. The hair/makeup/styling was on point and I’m happy with what I shot.


  • The shoot finished at approx.12 am and i had no other choice but to get a cab to go home. We went outside (Tom, Tina and myself) and I hailed a cab. Here is the crucial part. I got in the cab and said “Can you take us to Mississauga, and can you get me a flat rate”. This part is extremely critical (i’m soooo mad, I had a whole paragraph written at this point and my internet messed up. F*ckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk)


At this point the driver asks me how many stops and I tell him 2 stops. He calls his dispatcher and they tell him $63 dollars so he tells me $69 to incorporate the 2 stops. I ask him if he can do better so he tells me $65. FINE. I agree and put on my headphones and try to zone out and forget this horrible day I’d just had. We arrive at the 1st stop and say goodbye to Tom and Tina. Tina barely says a word to me, and for those that know Aneka….you already know I was fuming. We get to my house and give the driver $67 and begin to hop out, he says wait wait you owe me more. Do you know this asshole ran the meter and was expecting me to pay $79 dollars after he had already confirmed $65 with me? I reply “no no no, you told me $65”. What happens next really still blows my mind. He called the police on me…. 

YUP, you read correctly. This jerkoff called the cops on me. At that point gloves come off and that already stupid day just became worse. My anger level is off the meter. I get his cab number and call his company. The supervisor finally comes on the phone and to make an already long-er story short-er. The gist of what he said I have no damn way of winning this battle. He said that a driver has the right to refuse a flat rate and that they reserve the right to call the police after. I replied with “how is a customer supposed to defend themselves then, since he agreed to the flat rate”. He replied “you would have to pay upfront and get a receipt”. The hell?! Do I work for the taxi company? How on Gods green earth was I to know that?! 

As I sit in the cab waiting for the police to show up, the driver decides to add insult to injury and say “Don’t try anything smart. There is a camera at the front and we have your phone number now”. Motherf*cker are you normal? If I was going to do you anything, I would have lonnggggg done it. You telling me that to try and warn me, is not doing anything. As I sat there waiting for the cab I called him every name under the sun. Did I mention he also took out a tape recorder and started taping me? LOL. This story was so unreal to me. 

After approximately 20 minutes of waiting, I see a police car pull up. Out comes a female officer who asks me for my side of the story. I tell it short and sweet. Then it’s the drivers turn and the 1st thing out of his mouth is “she lied about the whole thing”. You guys may think I’m stupid for staying and waiting for police instead of just paying the difference since it was only 12 dollars but that was not the point. It was the principle behind it. Do not make me out to be a liar, when you are blatantly LYING. That will turn me from a sweetheart into super b*tch real easily. The officer seemed to have been believing me as she kept asking the driver “sir what do you want to have done here” and he kept dodging the question. Mind you all the while the meter is still running. Suddenly a next police car pulls up. What?! Realllllyyyy? This time 2 male drivers get out. The female officer explains to them what happened and they converse for a minute before 1 of the males comes up to me. “Ma’am heres your 2 options: Either pay the $12 difference or pay the fare at what it’s at right now (approx 90 something dollars) and go to court after to fight the difference. I suggest you just pay the 12 dollars.” I agree and take out my money and all the while I’m calling the cab driver every name under the book. My last words were “enjoy those $12 in hell b*tch”. Then I went into my house fuming. At that point, I really realized how people hurt others. I’m not even joking. This cab driver lied on everything and felt no way about it and I had no way of defending myself. 

Throughout this whole day I never felt more alone in my life. That’s why that day was the WORST day I’ve had in awhile. As I read this back, I realize it’s novel territory and I’m sure only 2 of you will actually get to this point but I felt I had to vent because lets face it… where else am I going to do that? 

You better hope we don’t meet again buddy. If any of you readers happen to get this bastard. Tell him he’s going to hell for me and then  take another cab

Asshole's ID

I Don’t follow?!

Remember when you were in highschool, the only abbreviations you had to know was A/S/L and LOL. For those that somehow didn’t have ICQ or MSN messenger back in the day (poor you) A/S/L= Age, Sex, Location and LOL the most common means Laugh out loud.

Fast forward to 2009, there are over a jillion different abbreviations. Some are valid and others are just plain STUPID. Not to mention, I know alot of y’all go around making up your own ones expecting the whole world to get it. No really, I’ve seen some really crazy ones out there and it really makes me wonder if some of you think I’m a morse code specialist. Apparently the new lingo for A/S/L -> A/S/L/M/H = Age, Sex, Location, Music, Hobbies.  WTJ?!  (What the jail). Isn’t that kind of extreme for just meeting someone in an online setting? You now have to answer “My name is Neeks, I’m 24, I live in Canada, I love all types of music and long walks on the beach sipping a Coca Cola? For petes sake.


In sequence: Laugh out loud-> Laugh my ass off-> Laugh my f*cking ass off->Laugh my Bloodclot off (? correction)-> I’m not even too sure if that’s the right ‘spelling’ and the last I’ll give you 2 minutes to try and figure it out.

*Sings the Jeopardy theme song*

Times up! Anybody guessed it?

LSHITIPA= Laugh So Hard I Think I Peed A little.

*Blank stare*

I mean seriously?! People, it’s getting out of bloody hand now. I cannot keep up with all of this, I just can’t. If it takes me more than a minute to figure out what the heck that abbreviation meant, IT’S NOT AN ABBREVIATION. It’s just making things that much more longer and drawn out. Smh.

 Let’s cut it out for 2010 folks.


You guys can feel free to list whatever abbreviations you guys have come across that are utterly ridiculous, or that you’ve made up yourself.

Cheater, Cheater

Good Evening,

All day at work the main discussion has not been work but rather “The Tiger Debate”. It’s everywhere you look: TV, Radio, Newspapers, internet! My take on the whole thing is, what he did isn’t right but it’s not our business. Before the story broke (in the initial stages of just the crash) it seemed as though the public was on some sort of public witchhunt. At the end of the day, it’s THEIR business and if they wanted to discuss the reasons as to why he rushed out of the house then they could do so. What pissed me off about the whole thing is that on cp24 yesterday it said “Breaking News: Tiger Woods blah blah blah (can’t remember the exact line at that point)” then after the Breaking News was the story of the car that crashed through the Homesense store. Huh? Which one is more considered to be “Breaking News” here? A celebrity that potentially got caught with their pants down? Or someone crashing into a store and dying?

… I’ll give you guys a minute to think about it…..

Bottom line priorities are messed up nowadays, which is unfortunate. What became truly unfortunate is a lot of the things I saw plastered across Twitter today. If you’re not familiar Twitter stays on top of popular stories across the world. There is a side panel that keeps a short list of what’s the most talked about subject on Twitter for the moment. Today because of Tigers Tales, a lot of the Trending Topics were based upon Cheating and Tiger,etc.  The 2 that brought the most concern to me was #whymencheat and #sidechickawareness. The topic on sidechicks really just produced a lot of jokes which was fine, but the topic on why men Cheat just threw me off completely. Some of the answers that were tweeted were:

  • “She gave me something that I needed, that you weren’t giving”
  • “She put out more”
  • “I liked her personality better”
  • “My ex does it better than you”
  • “I kept going back because the sex was good”
  • “Imagine having steak and lobster every night, even you would get bored of that”

I’m just going to stop right there…

*Counts to 1,352 in her head*

Are you SERIOUS?! I mean seriously? All those reasons only get 1 clear cut response from me…

Why don’t you just leave the relationship then?”

It’s really that simple. Mistakes do happen, granted, however we’re talking about people that consistently step out on their relationships/marriage. What is the friggin point? If you have kids, yes that can get sticky however what is the point in staying in a relationship and messing up your children for the future. Children know a lot more than us adults seem to realize. They sense things and they keep them in their memory, then you  see them on future episodes of “Intervention”.

As a person that’s been on the receiving end of the cheating, trust me when I say JUST LEAVE! What is the point in knowing in your head that you’re with someone and they’re only fulfilling 3/8 of your checklist in a mate and the 5 things that they are missing are enough to make you feel as though you “need” to cheat, please don’t let the door hit you on the way out! If your partner is not giving you what you want sexually, there are books/magazines/internet sites that you guys can read together. Or what, better yet, just TELL THEM how you like it! If your mate is not giving you what you want emotionally, TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT! If that doesn’t work on more than one occasion then I suggest you leave the relationship amicably. Why live in a lie? I mean on what galaxy is that ‘ish okay? How can you be so selfish. What’s funny is, people that consistently cheat have all these explanations as to why they do it, but have their mate do it to them and watch all hell break loose. Then they are scarred for life and every women is triflin from there on out. Spare me the garbage, cause I’m not the 1, the 2 nor the 3.