ThoseGirlsRWild like Nicki

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I really should be getting ready for work, however I’m on the internet. *shrugs*. I love ThoseGirlsAreWild as I keep saying. They’re intelligent, beautiful and HILARIOUS women. This video that they did is their bid to be besties with Miss Nicki Minaj herself. Check it out.

(Andrea, you really do look like Nicki… slap some pink weave and some spandex and you’re good to go! lol)

Have you gotten ‘Laid’?

Good morning folks!

I’m very much delayed with these videos but I was on a roll on Sunday so I finally got a chance to upload a few. Does anyone know anything quicker than Youtube? For some reason they take freaking forever!

These first set of videos are from Shannon Boodram’s book release for “Laid” that happened in October. The Book release was fantastic. There were many different performances by artists such as : Daniel Daley, Kim Davis, Toya Alexis, Andrea Lewis, etc. Not to mention there were excerpts read from the book as well.  Here is the original post regarding Shannons Book -> here <-

These are 3 videos from that night (I have about 2 more I have to upload).

The 1st video:

Kim Davis singing “Valentine 4 Life” (acoustic version). This was an AMAZING performance. Holy moly, this version was FIRE. Kim, can you please release this version. Damn! Background vocals were sung by Toya Alexis (she’s Fire as well).

The 2nd Video:

Andrea Lewis (ThoseGirlsAreWild). Andrea performed a couple songs that she felt went with some of the themes in the book. This performance is her cover of Barrington Levy’s “Too Experienced”.

The 3rd Video:

Toya Alexis giving me goosebumps. This was the 1st time I’d ever heard of her and I officially became a fan.

Get Laid

In life, there are certain people that when you meet them, you just get a great vibe from them right off the bat. I’m pretty big on those moments, I work well off peoples vibes/auras. This woman when I met her, that’s precisely what I got from her- an excellent vibe. She approached me in the sincerest of ways and we had a small convo and that was that, each time I saw her around I would think “awww she’s mad cool”. The fact that she’s a photographer and a journalist and has crazy fashion sense just upped her brownie points even more.

Then I heard that she’s releasing a book and I believed that “cool” is not even the word to describe her. Who am I talking about?

Well her name is Shannon Boodram and on October 1st she will be releasing her first published book titled “Laid”. Amazing, right?

The premise of the book  (as cited from her website):

 Laid is the title of Shannon’s book that is going to be released through Seal Press in October 2009. Laid is a non-fiction anthology that takes a peer mediation approach to sexual education. Youth ages 18-25 across North America were asked to share a life changing sexual experience they went through in their teens. Contributors were asked to share their stories as though they were telling it to a best friend, lecturing was prohibited. As a result, Laid is not your typical sexual education book. It’s raw, honest, steamy, scary, inspiring and eye opening stories. The book is separated into five chapters based on five common young adult sexual scenarios: hookups, positive experiences, physical consequences, date rape and abstinence. No two stories are alike but in each chapter you will find the following components: a chapter intro, a question and answer section that addresses issues touched upon in each chapter and finally an activity that challenges the reader to derive their own lessons from other’s experiences. Laid’s has contributors who share positive stories as well as those who have dealt with teenage pregnancy, abortion, STI contraction, hookups, date rape, sexual abuse and living with HIV.

In addition to compiling and guiding each contributor the editor, a 24-year-old journalist, shares her own stories and provides insight in the chapter intros. The book’s goal is to arm readers with the information, hindsight and confidence to pursue an emotionally and physically healthy sex life. After reading each story, readers will form an enhanced understanding of the experiences they want, and want to avoid.

Shannon Boodram author of  "Laid"

Shannon Boodram author of "Laid"

Here is a video of Shannon describing her 1st book:

I recommend that you all go out and BUY this book, I believe it’s needed in today’s culture. Sex and Sexuality is a topic that I find that our generation needs guidance with. This book is not meant to “preach” to anyone but rather to give folks something to relate to, when they think they’re the ‘only’ one that’s going through or has went through a particular situation. There is no doubt that I will be picking up my own copy, support your local talent folks!

As I’ve mentioned to you before Shannon, I have a “girl crush” on you lol, I think you and Andrea are pretty fab!

 I should also mention to my wonderful readers that Shannon (along with her friend Andrea) have their own website/blog titled They are HILARIOUS! Definitely take a visit, you won’t regret it.

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