This goes out to you…(2)

This might be a new section “This goes out to you“. It’s shall be a dedication of some sorts to an A class idiot.

This one is a shoutout to a real thirsty b*tch. There are a lot of things on my list of annoyances and 1 of them is unoriginal people with no kind of sense (common sense, street sense, book sense, fashion sense, etc). This female needs this shoutout as an “I see you”.

Nowadays everyone has their own side hustle or dream they are trying to achieve. Most folks are not rolling in money so to get your business or name out there you have to realize that others need to eat too. Just because you are friends with someone does not mean that they should automaticallyalways hook you up. That’s tacky. There are things that friends can do for each other but it’s a matter of give an take and better yet realistic expectations. Example: If you’re starting out your own business and go to your friend that you know has a styling team and can get the photos/editing done as well would you expect all of that done for free? Well let’s throw a monkey wrench into that example. Why would you ask the pricing and then when told the pricing you dispute it. Don’t be a groupie, keep it moving then! You’re out of order right now. Take your thirsty behind somewhere else and see if you would be able to get all of what you were asking for, for half that price. Then to add insult to injury an original idea was pitched to you and now that you’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re thirsty and cannot pay up… you say “I’m going to use that idea with or without you”.

*Cut the record*

You’re for real right now?

You were serious when you just told me you’re going to steal an idea that wasn’t yours and take it somewhere else?

Okay Minni Vanilli.

We see you.

Do not forget word of mouth is crucial to any business. Kudos to you for playing yourself out.

Good day 🙂