SOTD: Upgrade Ya

Tying into my previous post, there is no way this couldn’t have been song of the day.

This was the FIRST song I fell in love with off of this album B’Day. I remember around the time the video dropped, everyone had their bullshit rumors swirling around that they broke up. When she dropped this video, at the point where Jay-Z starts to rap everyone was like “see see, he’s not even in it…” then they were shamed one scene after. The strength of a relationship is never truly known by the outside world looking in it. Unless you see things firsthand everyday, everything else is just speculation.

Who’s Mad?

Upgrade Ya- Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z

Hiiiii baby 🙂

SOTD: Wonderwall

There isn’t many words I can give to this song.

Brings me back to elementary days. I will forever LOVE this song!

Wonderwall- Oasis

SOTD: Summer Loving

This song is PERFECT for my Song of the Day, as it ties in with my previous post.

Guy meets girl and enjoys the brief time spent with her just chilling and having sex.

Girl thinks she’s in a relationship and she’s found a good man.


Problems arising!

This is why people need to be honest and upfront about what they want from people. Shoutout to this video, as it comes from one of my favorite movies GREASE. This movie will never get old to me, EVER! My friends clown me because I have these songs on my iPod, but I don’t give a damn lol.

Summer Lovin’ – John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

SOTD: I Wonder

For some reason I couldn’t find this song on Youtube (a decent version) for the longessttttt time. I typed in the song just now since I was listening to it and there we have it.

This is definitely one of my favorite Kanye songs. The 1st time I heard it, I was just vibing like a mad woman.

The beat, the lyrics, his delivery= Fantastic-ness rolled into awesomeness.

Day 3: Pop Band

Next up were the Stepbrothers of the Pop Boy Band phase.

Nick, Drew, Jeff and ummm… (hold on as a google the last ones name…) Justin.

They were none other than 98 Degrees.


The reason why I called them the Stepbrothers of the game was because they were everyones least favorite (think Cinderella before she got her fly glass slipper). They were older than the more popular boy bands and their dancing was pretty cheesy but they still had the vocals, harmonies on point. The main singer Nick Lachey really held it down. All in all, I still listened to their music so they deserve a shoutout from me.

Sidenote: I miss Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey together. They were a cute couple.

Look at this below video, that was one of my problems with them… you’re telling me noone could have bought them bigger shirts. It looks like they borrowed their little brothers clothes.

My personal fav from them:

SOTD: Pop Day #2

Day 2 of my tribute to Pop Boy Bands goes to one of my personal favorites…



Justin, JC, Joey, Lance and Chris.

This is where I first fell in love with the a-may-zingness that is Justin Timberlake *Yup, afro and all*. Now, again people seem to hate him but have you seen him in concert? (I have) This man puts in WORK! He can sing, dance and is such a hard worker. Did I mention he has hits?

Moving right along, JC was another standout talent in that group, such a well-rounded performer. Now I know the rest of the guys weren’t as popular but they played their position well and helped out the harmonies.

All in all I loved me some N’Sync.


SOTD Theme Week

This weeks SOTD’s will be a dedication to a genre of music that was so huge yet so ridiculed all at the same time. Can you guess it? 1 guess…. Go! Let’s see if you were right, the answer is *drumroll please* …………………..


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing my iPod, you’ll know it’s very eclectic. I listen to a wide range of music and I’m not ashamed to say it. What I find is that some folks (typically males) like to tease me for having Boy bands on my iPod. Ummm hello? Who is this? You know what’s funny, males can hate on boy bands because all of the females loved them and what not but you know what you can’t deny? Their TALENT! The interesting point is that Boy Bands of the late 90’s had better vocals than most of the singers out today. I dare one of you to dispute me.

To start of the week:

The Backstreet Boys!

Brian, AJ, Kevin, Nick and Howie had the harmonies on deck. The Backstreet Boys ran a lot of the 90’s and it was deserved! They had TUNES! Their harmonies were on point and they could dance.

You can’t deny them, just watch and sing along because I know you know the words.

SOTD: Praise You

This video was THE TRUTH.

You must remember this song, the video was released in 1999. When I first saw it, I remember thinking “What the heck is this?!” because the video was just that weird and random. Then I started to see it so often that I knew some of the routine off by heart. This video is hilarious, if you ever need a laugh just watch it.

Praise You- Fatboy Slim

2 SOTD’s. Certified

The whole day I knew what I wanted my “Song of the Day” to be, because it goes along with my previous post. Then something told me to check for a song I’ve been trying to put on my blog for MONTHS. For the longest time I couldnt get the full song, or proper audio. What song is it? ‘Certified’ by Lloyd. Some of you may know I LOVE this song. I used to put the song title anywhere I could. It’s sincere and Lloyd’s voice is always butter so it’s a great combination.

Fellas, please take notes…

“Certified” – Lloyd


[Verse 1:]
I’m loving how you twerk,
I’m loving how you do,
I’m loving what you own,
I’m so gone over you,
Now don’t quote me yet,
But girl I think you might,
Be someone for me,
In the day and in the night

Please believe I ain’t the type
To sweat your clothes,
But what’s on my mind,
I gotta let you know.
That I’m thinking of stepping to you
And if I do better I’ll move you
I ain’t you typical man
Girl understand

I’m digging you (and I ain’t tryna run no game)
‘Cause I’m into you (you should know me by my name)
And I ain’t never gonna lie,
‘Cause I don’t really gotta, baby
I’m certified (please believe)
And I’m cocky wit it (baby I don’t mean no harm)
But I got to get it (’cause of your wit and your charm)
Got me on something else,
Baby you know the rest.
I’m certified.

[verse 2:]
Now if I was to say,
You make me wanna sing,
Would you understand
What a nigga really means…
Is that ya lil body
Is rocking like a beat,
And I gotta rhythm
That I bet you can freak
Listen to me.



[verse 3:]
I’m certified,
By my dollar signs
I like to get it up,
Live it up,
What’s ya Prada size?
Now usually I don’t do this
But boo you got me choosing
My navigation get me there,
Let’s go somewhere exclusive
You flip booze[?] or you can
Moulin Rouge me or you can
Keep it real, we chill
And watch a scary movie
I been around the world
So I can turn you onto something
Keep doing what you doing
Girl, girl you’re onto something


I’m digging you (girl I ain’t tryna run no game)
‘Cause I’m into you (and you should know me by my name)
And I ain’t never gonna lie,
‘Cause I don’t really gotta, baby (ooh)
I’m certified (please believe, please believe)
And I’m cocky with it (better ask somebody)
But I got to get it (everything about you)
Got me on something else,
Baby you know the rest (hey)
I’m certified (yeah, yeah, yeah)

So open up your mind,
Lemme come inside
Girl love and satisfy (sexify?) me,
Girl I’m certified
So certified girl,
So certified girl,
Oh yeah
Ride, ride, hey

The 2nd song of the day (my original idea) goes to “Stingy” by Ginuwine. Very much relevant to my previous post as well. Take these 2 songs, however you’d like 😉

SOTD: Slow Jams

Damnnnnn. Let the mood continue on *Sigh*

You all have to remember this song. Two musical powerhouses, Babyface and Tamia. The unfortunate thing is Tamia is so extremely talented, but somehow she’s never remembered. Her voice is so sultry, I love it  (Shoutouts to Canada!). Another example of how beauty and fashion trends recycle in this video, as Tamia looks stunning in the black & white shot with the smokey eyes and black lipstick. Loves it!

This song is so sexy.

Babyface & Tamia- Slow Jams