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There’s a meeting in my bedroom.

Well, well, well.. So much to cover yet not enough of an attention span to pay attention so I’ll make this as short and sweet as possible.

The last time we spoke I had just got 2k10 (PSN ID: Jennings-ariza), the season barely began and I had made some bold statements that I still stand behind, and most have been proven to be correct. It’s about the middle of the season and since the last time I had a guest spot at the lovely Ms. Neeks’ page A LOT has happened so here is a quick opinionated rant about what the hell is going on.

First thing is first. I am LIVID with the NBA! I don’t think I have to say much about why but I do have two words for you. Agent Zero.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking “How could a pretty girl like you condone such behavior?!” Lets be real guys. Do we really know what happened? Were you there? was David Stern there? NO. First off I’m not going to say having guns is right because it’s not. It’s flat out wrong and I not only feel that way about guns but also about violence, domestic violence, assault, drugs, and adultery so I don’t want to be looked at as some bias chick talking about the hottest subject. This is not something that should be glamorized. Nevertheless, personal is personal and ball is ball. How are you going to take out a leading scorer not because of the situation or the event that had occurred BUT because of personal views and comments about the situation made outside of the court. REALLY?! I am not angry because I am not only a fan of the wizards or Gilbert Arenas but because this situation could have been handled a lot better. First of all, if there is a problem like this when the FBI has to get involved and you decided to make the decision or even have the thought of suspension you should act on it right away until the situation is solved. You would think that’s logic right? But I guess not when it comes to David Stern. Is he really bigger then the game? The commissioner not only suspended someone who is still under investigation two weeks after the incident but he left the other individual untouched and released statements that I consider to be completely untrue and ridiculous. “(Arenas) Is currently unfit to be on the court” ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You have players like Delonte West (who plays for the Cleveland cavaliers) on the court that is a ticking time bomb. This season he was diagnosed as bi-polar and was caught coming from the Cleveland arena on a motorcycle with a shotgun in a guitar bag. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You’ve got some nerve. It also raises some questions like If it were a high grossing player like Lebron James would the consequences be the same? Or If it were someone like Luke Walton who has a respectable father that’s part of the league would the consequences still be the same? Let me help you with that and let you know straight up the answer is NO.

NOW, I know you saw that Christmas game with Lakers vs. Cavs. Now, reeelllaaxxx you prince james bandwagoners just because the score is even or one-up does settle any argument. Lebron is NOT better than Kobe and if you actually paid attention you would know why. Besides, I have to give it up to my Lakers. It’s hard playing against two teams. Especially the highest paid in the league, the REFS.

Okay so I’m mid-way thru and I realize I’ve got a lot of ground to cover so I am going to split this into two. Right now there’s a meeting in my bedroom and I don’t want you to be late so take a breath. Breathe, stretch, shake and I’ll be back to talk about the NFL, more on Mamba vs. Prince, A’mare, Bosh, Granger, Dwayne wade, Denver, Ivy, All-star 2010, and FREE AGENTS.


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