1 Small Step

“Been gone for awhile now I’m back with the jumpoff”. Shoutouts to the Lil Kim that still looked like a Barbie but at that time, not a deformed one.

Hello my loves.

How was everyone’s weekend? For those of you that don’t live in Canada, we had a Long Weekend with some sexy ass weather. My kind of time. I spent the weekend with majority of the people in my life right now and per usual it was goodtimes.

Hot weather makes me so happy, I don’t even think people understand me when I say this. There is nothing like picking up randomly, throwing on some cutoff shorts and hitting the road. Summer brings out a lot of good things to me.

Before I go completely off topic, I have some good news that I need to share. For those of you wondering what exactly it is I do, I thought I’d address that. What does Datchickneeks do? The simple answer is a little bit of everything. I’ve always had many interests growing up, and have never fully honed in on ONE thing in particular. That was always a problem with parental unit types, because I wouldn’t focus my energy into one group. At this point in time, I still  don’t think I need to do that. If I can excel in one more than one category, why not do so?  Growing up, I’ve always been into being my own unique self fashion wise. For those of you that went to highschool with me, you cannot forget my customized EVERYTHING. If it came to my head, I’d do it. To me, there was never anything wrong in trying. Well looks like that has aspect of my personality has finally paid off.  Opportunities arise in the simplest of ways and there is no way I couldn’t pass up on it.

(What is she talking about?!)

Lately I’ve been getting back into creating my own jewelry pieces and customized outfits and been wearing them around the town. Thankfully someone was paying attention because there is a store in Toronto called Haus Clothing, that has offered to sell some of my stuff along with The Discombobulated Tricks! !  🙂 🙂

It may not seem like much to you, but it’s a big deal to us. This is just the BEGINNING of a beautiful thing. We’re a team that works well with each other and all bring something a little different to the table.  The support that Rachel and William have shown us at Haus is amazing and very much appreciated.

I’ll be uploading pictures so that you all can see. If you want to check it out in person, slide on down to Haus Clothing. It’s located at 1265 Bloor St W (Bloor/Lansdowne).


On this blog I’ve featured a lot of Toronto’s musical talent, but what about film?

Another fresh, young talent on the rise comes from Michelle Berry. Talk about phenomenal woman, this film was written AND directed by her. Amazing, right?

Please take in the preview for her film titled “Leah”.

Don’t forget the name Michelle Berry folks.

Soooo Amazing!

Good Morning Lovelies,

Do you all know how much I love R&B singers? Especially a man who sings?


For those of you not acquainted with this man, here is your introduction. His name? Show Stephens, and he’s one of Toronto’s many talented R&B singers on the come up. This song is really good and the video is excellent as well. As I keep saying, Toronto we have to support our own GOOD talent! We have so much to offer, let’s support before everyone else does.

So Amazing- Show Stephens.

You guys are serious?

Hello Folks,

As you can see from my previous post, Drakes “Over” video dropped today. As I’ve already stated it’s fire. Of course not everyone will feel the same way but sometimes I have to wonder if people really think when watching media content or just tune out after awhile. There are a lot of people saying they do not like it for reasons such as:

  • It makes no sense
  • It has nothing to do with the video
  • It’s boring


Wow, this is what we’ve come to huh? If a video isn’t completely literal or doesn’t have cars, boobs and extravagant clothing it’s wack? Why did people go crazy for Kanye Wests “Can’t Tell me Nothing”? That video had “nothing to do with the song” and was just him performing in the desert with lights. (For the record, don’t try and crucify me, as I thought that video was well done as well). If something is not literal “Can you see me, can you see me, get your visine on” *flash to Drake holding Visine in his hand*, People just can’t feel it huh? Or “bout to set it off in this b*tch, Jada Pinkett  *cut to scene of Jada in Set it Off Movie*. Have we really become that basic? The concept made perfect sense to me, I’m so glad he came back strong (since I was NOT a fan of “Best I Ever Had”). Granted sometimes vidoes completely miss the mark when they’re not literal and we’re all left wondering what really occurred, however this video was not a ‘hard’ concept. This generation needs to realize that thinking and being outside the box does not need to always be spaceships and such a la Andre 3000 but could be something as simple as this video or Erykah Badus “Window Seat”.

As I always say you can’t please everyone, it’s physically impossible. There will always be people that don’t believe and that’s okay because that’s just apart of life. However if we took more time to think for ourselves, maybe we’d be better off as a generation.
Just saying…

Yesss Drake! Over Video

I’m real excited about this one.

Toronto’s own Drake dropped the long awaited video from his 1st album “Thank Me Later” and I for one am extremely pleased. The video is brilliant, sheer brilliance. It’s simple, yet really not… you know what? Just Watch!

Yes Drizzy, it really is Over.

Shoutout these ladies.

These girls are fly.

                                                   L-R : Shannon, Moi, Charlene, Chey, Danielle

Came across this pic and just felt like shouting these ladies out as they’re all doing their thing!

Shannon is doing her thing for The Broken Heel Diaries. Check out that site, I love it! It’s a really good site for women.

The girl next to Shannon in the green skirt, is some chick named Neeks. Yea, she aight.

Charlene aka Asia fiasco is 1/3 of The Discombobulated Tricks styling team. They do it all, the necklace that I’m wearing in this pic was designed by them.

The 2 Goddess looking females on the far right are Chey and Danielle who represent Liipstik Styling Team.


I’m all about supporting my own, and these are people that you need to look out for! Check them all out at their respective sites.



Good morning,

I wasn’t even going to address this, but now I feel compelled. Yesterday, over Twitter a certain Toronto rapper decided to publicly air out his grievances towards Drake. The general public only knows 1 side to the story right now, and that is the rapper calling Drake a snitch and that he hates him. To tell you the truth, I’m not even going to give this claim much thought because we don’t know the full story. What I do have a problem with is the word “snitching”. The whole of Toronto is talking about this situation and some are taking sides saying that “snitching isn’t cool”. Do you remember couple years ago when people were actually airbrushing t-shirts with “Stop Snitching”. The ignorance of that is pretty disgusting to me.

*rolls up sleeves*

What exactly is snitching and what classifies a snitch? I wish this BET generation would just go away and read a book (one that isn’t strictly Eric Jerome Dickey or Sister Souljah). Is there ever going to be a day where we get past this stupid ignorant mentality? I don’t give a DAMN what any of you say, if a crime happened to one of your family members and they told the police you wouldn’t call them a snitch. You know what helps people not get caught? DON’T DO A CRIME. Brilliant and groundbreaking, huh? This ‘hood’ thuglife for life mentality needs to seize. The more unfortunate part about all of that is that majority of those that preach it, do not even live it. Up out my face with that nonsense. If these people spent more time perfecting something positive or even perfecting their craft, there would be less time for the foolishness I’m hearing about. Everyone wants to be hood and get rich, why not do it in a respectable manner? You want to live the life of rappers you see on tv? Well guess what, half of the stuff they’re rapping about they don’t even do! Again, up out my face. Guns are killing my people and if you don’t care enough and want to keep your “cool” outlook that’s on you… just don’t let me hear you complaining the next time a 4 year old gets shot on the bus, or one of the friends you grew up with was an innocent bystander just waiting for her boyfriend to meet her & gets shot and sadly killed. This stuff gets me heated, so I think I’m just going to end this right here, some of you may not agree with me but as you know I don’t care- this stuff must stop! I’ve been affected by this on a personal level and if we keep this mentality up, crimes will just get increasingly worse and people will continuously get away with it. Is that the kind of world you want to raise your kids in?

Didn’t think so

ThoseGirlsRWild like Nicki

Good morning,

I really should be getting ready for work, however I’m on the internet. *shrugs*. I love ThoseGirlsAreWild as I keep saying. They’re intelligent, beautiful and HILARIOUS women. This video that they did is their bid to be besties with Miss Nicki Minaj herself. Check it out.

(Andrea, you really do look like Nicki… slap some pink weave and some spandex and you’re good to go! lol)

Brazen Hussy Fashion Show

Good Morning!

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me. Did my regular 9-5’er, then had a photoshoot in the afternoon/evening, then attended the Brazen Hussy Fashion Show. My photoshoot went well, it was for up and coming dancer Tamara who’s pretty amazing. Shoutout to Shannon and Ren, thank you for all your behind the scenes help. This is the 1st of many 😉 , love you guys.

After the shoot I rushed over to the fashion show with my girl Char (@AsiaFiasco) which was held at ULTRA. We made it in the nick of time! Only missed 1 or 2 looks.

The show was a success, alot of muted neutral colors, which is very much in for the S/S 2010. They showed a variety of things: Dresses, tights, shirts, pants, body suits.

Loved this dress

The designers themselves

It was a great show, with great people.


Miss AsiaFiasco from the Discombobulated Tricks. You already know what it is.

MTV Personality Tika Simone and Char


Char and Amanda

Chey, you the bestest! The amount of fun we had with you was soooo great! Hi Danielle too! You guys are very tall, beautiful and fashionable. Hmmm hate much? LOL. Chey and Danielle represent Liipstick styling team.

Paparazzi snapping

Moi, Chey, Char

Naph: My bud. You’re so facety but it’s all love. Photographer, representing for Toro Magazine.

Steph, Naph, Neeks

Shannon: Long time no see! You’re doing big things with LaVieInc and The Broken Heel diaries. Thanks for the interview, I’m a little nervous to see it lol.

All in all, it was an excellent night. Looking forward to more of these.

SOTD: Everything

I love Fefe Dobson!

If you’re not familiar with her, she’s a fabulous rocking female from Toronto. She’s dating (or was dating) Devon Soltendieck who is a MuchMusic VJ. Unfortunately her album keeps getting pushed back so hopefully she drops something new sometime soon.

This was my favorite song by her, “Everything”.