Birthday Love: Willy-T

Happy Birthday to ya… Happy Birthday to ya… Happy Birthhhhdayyyyy

To one of my fav freshies lol.


Willy & Meg

Willy & Meg

October 3rd, 2009

Good Afternoon,


I feel like crap, and it’s annoying me. Dah well, gotta soldier through as usual.

Tonights that night folks Fresh Not Frozen. I’ll be there, partying my little heart out.

See ya there!

Prizes and such..

How about I don’t try to shoot videos when I’m not feeling well. Dah well, just watch it.


Stuff happens…

Good morning ,


We’re  1 week away from the “Fresh Not Frozen” party on October 3rd and of course life happens sometimes. There is 1 change in the DJ Lineup, however this worked out extremely well.

The new lineup consists of DJ Rych Kydd (like before) and DJ Spoonz <–He’s LIVE.

I’m pretty excited about this, because those are 2 heavyhitters.


Quick Rundown: “Fresh Not Frozen

Address: Premium Rhythm Bar located at 173 Eglinton Avenue East

Hosted By:

Toronto Fresh & Special Guest(s)

Showing you the best things in life are FRESH


This is a 19+ event

 At this point, I think “what’s the dresscode” is a silly question unless otherwise stated. We are all grown people we should be dressing like that. Always try to look your best! You never know what my happen…


Come out and have a good time with me and my friends. If you have me on Facebook, you know we like to get down lol

Oct 3rd, Oct 3rd, OCT 3RD

As previously mentioned, myself and the other members of Torontofresh are hosting a party on what day? You guessed it, OCTOBER 3RD.

Watch this video for all the details:


I can guarantee a good time, take that however you’d like lol.


I'm not telling!

I'm not telling!


 I’ll never tellllllll…. well maybe… for a fee…. then just maybe lol…

That Summerbody fit

Good evening peoples… actually good night, sorry.


If you didnt know I love to party, especially a good party with good people. Summers almost over, however that doesnt mean you cannot party like its here to stay. This Friday August 28th,2009 where you should be is at Dazzling Lounge for the “Summerbody Fit” Party.

Here are the Cliffs notes for you quick readers:

“Summerbody Fit”

Dazzling Lounge, 291 King St W


DJ Rych Kidd and DJ LRS

Dress Code: Fashionable.  No pajama pants, no pants hanging down to your knees, no Uggs, no dirty kicks. None of that foolishness.


Come out and party with me and my homeslices, don’t worry even if you’re missing the “fit” from the Summerbody everyone is still welcome lol.


There you have it

There you have it


Kinda Like a Big Deal

Good afternoon folks,


I’m so sick right now, it’s ridiculous. I’m a pretty tough girl, I can handle pain for the most part but something about a sore throat turns me into a big baby. I have some sort of chest cold and I’m NOT happy about it. Last night the fever-ish symptoms I had really were not a good look, yuck!

Anyhow, on Friday night I went out to a party called “Kinda Like a Big Deal” at Vola Lounge. The party started off kind of slow but once it got nice, it got real nice. The thing about that club (it’s the former Blurr Nightclub) it gets SOOOO HOT. I swear there is no form of ventilation in that spot, yikes. It was a sweat bucket, and since DJ Spoonz and Dj Rych Kidd were killing it everybody was wylin out. One of my highlights of the night was hearing “Summerbody Fit” in the club, I felt like a proud mama or something lol. Here are some pics, despite what one person thought I was not drunk. The height of my heels would not permit me to get drunk (I don’t get drunk anyway). Ladies you know what I’m talking about, your heel is so high that if you were to play around and get drunk that’s risking your whole life and ankles at that.


Dollar and a Dream

Yesterday evening there was a Final Competition for some of Toronto’s Talent called “Urban X-Posure: Triple Threat”. The premise was a showcase to figure out “Who’s Got Next” and the prize was something amazing, a Cross Country Canadian Tour as well as some other things. The finalists were:


Frankie Payne



Y Shaws

Daniel Daley (Who was out of the country and couldn’t perform, wuddup D!)

Blake Carrington

Rachelle Janety

Boombox Saints



The Winner was………………………..




Congratulations Baby! I’m soooooo proud of you, I really am. A Dollar and a Dream really does pay off. Torontofresh is oh so official.


This Thursday, July 9th 2009 if you want to see the next big thing out of Toronto come out to The Drake Hotel. Blake Carrington will be performing and I suggest that you come out as this will be his last show before heading off to LA. There will be guest performances from KJ and Brendan Doors. 

Cliff Notes:

  • Blake Carrington who is kinda like a Big Deal will be performing at The Drake Hotel
  • Located at 1150 Queen St W
  • Thursday July 9th, 2009
  • Guest performances by KJ and Brendan Doors
  • The Show Starts at 9pm
  • It’s $10 to get in. Now now, don’t shake your head I know you have $10 that you were going to waste on foolishness. You might as well spend it on Good Music







Be There!

Be There!





 I expect to see a lot of you there!


Change Clothes then Go!

Good Night everyone,


So sorry about this extremely late post, it’s not like me I know but other aspects of my life called today. Due to all the things surrounding me right now, I feel like I have a lot of things to say just not sure how to write it out yet. It will be expressed though, please believe it!

Really quickly I just wanted to mention that tonight you should be attending The Fitting Room Party@ 291 King St W. The cover is $10. It’s at Dazzling Lounge, and did I mention that you SHOULD be there? I’m just saying though.  Goodtimes and Torontofresh will be in the building.