Crimes against Fashion

Well hello there!

How are you doing today? I’m hoping good, myself? I’m just chilling out watching Seinfeld. Just a quick reminder, tonight is the BET Awards. From the commercials it should be a live one and now they’ve revamped their show to pay homage to the King of Pop (R.I.P). It is a crime if you do not watch.


Anyhoot. My topic today stems from me being on Facebook this morning and getting thorougly annoyed. Fashion is such a broad term. There are many things that one may see as fashionable and another may not. Alot is left up to one’s tastes. However I believe there are some things that should be a GIVEN that it is a crime against fashion and all things fashionable.


I’m so serious. I have a lot of Pet Peeves when it comes to fashion, I will list a couple.

1. Exposed bra straps.




I’m cringing just looking at that picture. I think that is sooooooooo TACKY and TRASHY it’s unbelievable. How could you leave your house really thinking that, that looks good?  Strapless bras were invented for a reason, I find a lot of women do not invest in one. They are oh so necessary to your wardrobe!  A little and a mean little bra strap is okay (not in a top like that) however, I would prefer if you just wore the strapless bra and called it a night.


2. Women wearing clothes that clearly don’t fit.



Again can you say TRASHY! Ladies there is a term that I believe so strongly in. “Know your size, know your size…. KNOW YOUR SIZE“. That top is clearly for a teenager, no grown ass woman should be wearing it. If you are a woman that it is fuller sized and want to make yourself look bigger than you are , wear a top 4 sizes too small. 10 times out of ten people do not believe that you look good, but are wondering “why is she wearing that?”.


3. Men wearing pants down to their knees.

You get NO PLAY!

You get NO PLAY!


Man are you being serious right now? That really burns my bridges, yes it may be an extreme case but I still do see this around town. If you want a quick way for people not to take you serious in life, adopt that style.  Pull your pants up! Noone wants to see all of that. What was the point in even putting on a belt? Man wear your size!


4. Women that wear the same color shoes/dress/clutch/jewelery.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a pic to describe what I mean (actually I could, but I didn’t want to put anyone on blast lol). Yea, have you ever been at the club and saw that girl that thought that wearing a red dress, red shoes and red purse with a red bangle was the hottest thing in the streets? Argghhhhhhhhhhh. My heart hurts. There are so many wonderful colors out there that go together. Fashion rule folks, you don’t have to MATCH … you have to “go”. Certain colors ‘go’ together and look nice with each other, you don’t have to have a matchy matchy outfit.


I’m just going to end this right here, I can go on for days lol. Until my next set of Fashion Pet Peeves